Jan 23, 2023

Boiler Pressure Mini-Guide

Boiler pressure isnít the most fun of topics to read about, letís be honest.

How do I check the pressure on my boiler?

Most boilers tend to have a built in pressure gauge, so it’s easy enough to keep an eye on your pressure levels without too much fuss. Whether you have a dusty old boiler that’s stood the test of time or a brand spanking new one, you’ll be able to tell if there’s something not quite right with the pressure.

Change in the pressure is pretty normal though, so fear not. When it’s in action, the gauge will often change as the boiler is using fuel, but there’s nothing unusual here and it should stabilise in a short while.

What’s the ideal pressure?

In an ideal world, your boiler pressure should come in at 1 to 1.5 bars on your pressure gauge when the central heating is switched off, and roughly 2 bars when it’s heating up or in use.

My pressure is off - any tips?

Here’s a few things you can look at if your pressure is off - hopefully it’ll save you calling out an engineer, but if you’re not sure on anything, don’t guess - boilers can be dangerous and it’s best not to put yourself  in harm's way.

  1. Are your pressure valves loose? - Happens easily enough. Valves can be found under your boiler, and can come loose from general wear and tear. Have a quick check to make sure they’re screwed on tightly.
  2. Does my radiator need to ‘bleed?’ - If any of your radiators are making odd noises or have cold patches on them, turn your heating off. Next, grab your radiator key, open each valve and release the trapped air inside the radiator. Often you’ll find this will do the trick, but sometimes it’ll leave your pressure too low, so you’ll have to top it up to get it back to the right level.
  3. Are there any leaks in your home? - Leaks can cause the pressure on your boiler to drop, so go on a hunt for where the leak is. If the leak is in the boiler, call a professional in to take a look at the problem.

My boiler is still playing up

It might just be ‘that time’ - time to call in a professional. You can have the best boiler in the world, from the most reputable brand, that was installed by the best engineer - but it still might cause you issues at some point. If you keep running into problems with your boiler, give a professional a call so they can get it fixed, and you go back to doing more important things - you know, like almost anything other than worrying about a boiler!

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